Natural Health – Common Sense For Breast Health

I remember learning Anatomy and Physiology when I was studying to become a Registered Nurse. wanted a more thorough understanding of the lymphatic system and felt what we learned was limited. Conventional medicine didn’t pay much attention to the importance of the lymphatic system for one’s health. I wonder… has this changed?

Lymphatic fluid circulates in tiny vessels similar to veins throughout the body. The fluid (or lymph) is clear, or slightly yellowish, and watery. It comes from the tissues of the body. Lymph helps remove bacteria and carries cells that help fight infection and disease. It’s an important part of the immune system.

Lymphatic fluid doesn’t circulate well without our help. It doesn’t have a pump to move it like the our blood vessels have the heart. Movement of the body is the only way to move lymph. Without regular movement the lymph can become stagnant. Also, tight clothing, such as bras, can press on the vessels and restrict the flow.

This is very abundant in the breast area. There are many lymph nodes under the armpit. These clusters of tissue help protect the body from foreign organisms and cancer cells. Mobilization of lymph can help prevent breast congestion and maybe even cancers. Women often intentionally restrict the movement of their breasts, which is not healthy. Daily self-care should include breast movement. It can be as simple as moving your bra’s shoulder strap-up and down. It’s common sense.

Cheryl Chapman is a dear friend and holistic nursing colleague. She is also a well-known massage therapist and a breast care advocate. “Phluffing Your Girls” is an adorable expression she coined for this process She recommends moving your breasts like you are fluffing a pillow with your hands.

Here are some of the benefits:

–Reduce breast congestion
–Soften breasts
–Decrease lumps and cysts from fibrocystic breasts
–Move lymph
–Bring T-Cells to protect the breasts
–Reduce breast tenderness during pregnancy
–Enhance breastfeeding
–Easier to do a self breast exam
–Maintain healthy breast tissue